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Tony’s Aluminum Screen Room Installation

What is a screen room?

It's an enclosure like a sunroom but, instead of glass panel windows, you have more affordable screen meshing.

While windowed sunrooms provide better protection from the elements, that is not the reason for owning a screen room. Beautiful summer days are of limited availability in some locations, so many people like to sit outside on their patios or decks feeling the light breeze and letting the sun's heat reinvigorate their body and mind.

The major problem with sitting outside when the weather is enjoyable is that bugs get in the way of your enjoyment. A screened enclosure is a perfect solution. In a screen room, you can sit outside, appreciate everything nature has to offer and not be bothered by pesky insects like wasps or mosquitoes.

Sitting in a sunroom is nice, but you don't really experience the feeling of sitting outside. With a screen room, you get that feeling.

Here are 4 great reasons to consider purchasing a Tony’s Aluminum Screen Room:

  1. Increase your property value - Home improvement allows you to increase your property value and enjoy the fruits of your labour at the same time. Some home improvements have a much lower return on investment than others, but a screened enclosure is one of the most cost effective additions that one can make. Do it yourself kits are cheap enough for any budget and the ease of installation (especially aluminum kits) makes even the most inexperienced handyman a capable builder.
  2. Appreciate more of summer - When the weather is beautiful, virtually everybody loves sitting outside. Summer also means we have to deal with insects, some of them annoying and others that are harmful. There is nothing worse than trying to enjoy a summer evening with friends and family in your backyard while being bombarded by mosquitoes that desperately want to bite you. Some solutions to these attacks include bug zappers, citronella candles, or mosquito coils, but the success of these methods is variable and may cause physical problems. A screen room encloses you within a safe boundary and protects you.
  3. More open than a sunroom - Sunrooms and screened rooms have their advantages and disadvantages. Both effectively keep insects away but, when it comes to enjoying summer weather, a screen room wins hands down. The experience of fresh air when relaxing in a screen room is very pleasant when compared to the hot, humid, stuffy feeling you experience in most sunrooms. Sunrooms remind me of getting into a car after it has sat in direct sunlight for a few hours.
  4. Cost effective home improvement - A screened enclosure is very cost effective when compared to other home improvements. The maintenance of a screen room is minimal and many winterize in no time. Repairs are usually simple and can be done by almost anyone. Best of all, the price is highly affordable so it's not uncommon for home owners to enclose their entire backyard patio, deck, porch, or living space with a screened enclosure, maximizing their summer living space, entertainment area and property value. If you are ready to have a screen room professionally installed, then contact Martin Home Exteriors.

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